the unbroken spirit of myself

by Staten

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bugsinyourpudding There is no one else who makes genuine and such beautiful music like Justin can. Every song is so beautiful and shrouded in this sense of mystery where you can realize things within them after different listens. I JUST HAD TO HELP AND BUY THE ALBUM AFTER LISTENING NONSTOP BECAUSE YOU GOTTA JUST SUPPORT AN AMAZING ARTIST LIKE JUSTIN. one of my fav albums that have come out recently. Favorite track: PT 1.
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Pepe This album is such a beautiful mix of different styles, vocals, and electronics/instrumentals. The lyrics are so deep, and catchy. Also the rapping parts are so good, I recommend this to everyone I know and they all love Justin's fantastic project; Staten Favorite track: Felina.
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i'll find it.
For Mom & Dad, Ed & Karl, Patricia, Gafar, Marcano, Shaq, Jameel, Christine, Angelique, Peter, Matt, Zachary, Jess, Jess, John, and George.

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released February 28, 2017

everything by justin fernandez™



all rights reserved


Staten Rahway, New Jersey

One man in a white room.

Thanks for listening.

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Track Name: Felina
I need some bloodwork
I need some medicine
I just need something to make me feel
like alive again.
I need a haircut
tell my mind to shut up.
I just need something
fucking anything to move on.

But I can’t help it if he catches me first
close all my curtains but the mattress he owns
sink in an IV now it’s more than my bones
and I can’t get away, and I can’t get away
Oh it’s a night alone
even if she’s in my arms
Oh god I’m used to it
Oh god I’m used to it.

I’m not feeling like myself
if you could even tell.
Go on and leave me
in my bedroom, baby.
I’m not feeling myself
fuck if I can tell
can’t even make it to
my bedroom, baby.

Going backwards
fucked up now, my back hurts.
I’d kill myself
if it meant for her to come first.
I’ve seen my terrors
locked inside my mirrors,
I’d kill myself
but I’m waiting for the better.
And I can’t help it if he’s calling my name
from Calvary to Rahway, I am his slave.

Oh my angel eyes,
I need you here tonight,
Oh god I love you more,
oh god I love you more.
Track Name: Mocha
Hold on, the pills are all aligned
and I’m not finished yet.
I just want your love
but caught your silhouette
and even then I let it go.
Oh god, ain’t no god fearin
he don’t hear me,
my bedroom’s not that far
from where he’s staying
but even then we’re not that close.

Hold on, why am I trying so hard to impress you?
Pick apart the pieces of myself for you;
fall apart till nothing’s left
but my bones and chosen flesh
drowsy fuck right off my meds I
write words on a white page
right words at the right place.
Give a fuck about how I changed,
never paid no mind to the hive craze
no eyesay
God damn what the fuck am I saying?
But a god ain’t so damn sane.
God damn would you like what I’ve done?
We ain’t really even in the same lane

They don’t want that soft shit
Put the Saint in coffins
Never got my solace
but I’m moving on and on and
never looking back
I’m never looking
never looking.

Losing all the mileage
mouth is feeling quiet
and my guess is nothing makes sense
and I sometimes forget
what my name is
when I’m not the center of attentions
hit me on my mentions
catch me on a solo
find me on the front row
singing Halogens while I’m balancing
couple pills in my stomach with a pile of gin
clutching on my mic like a javelin
split your band in half have you babbling
why bother battling?

God, are you kind?
Forgive me for everything
I’ve done in my life.
My motives follow
prophets who are strong but so blind.
I was so afraid when you were gone
when I tried to call you in the night.

(Silent after
losing battles.
At least I’m trying,
what comes after nothing?)
Track Name: J.F.
There’s still an emptiness inside,
I disregard the ones I love
watching people passing by.
Why don’t you look me in my eyes?
Cause I can’t validate myself
without a window in your life.

But what you want? I want that love
from the ones who wrote me off,
you know you’re nothing, oh that’s Justin
he’s just used to fucking up.
I’m so used to fucking up.

They pay enough attention
just in case I may have made it,
but I’ll never be respected
until I get rich and famous.
they’ll string together memories
so vague almost complacent
feigning friends for life, a day one,
since our diaper days, the basics.
Let em talk that shit
but have you ever seen my room?
You must’ve sent me flowers
when I overdosed in June.
Or you were by my side
in ambulance ride
when I panicked out my mind
Oh you were there, right there,
thank god that I know you
thank god that you care

Fuck what you know,
you mean nothing to me.
You can take what you want,
don’t feel sorry for me.
I’ll give to the poor
but keep the goods all for me.
I’ll die all alone
but that’s alright with me.
Track Name: s???
Newfound paranoia
sitting on my windowsill
Your eyes provide the light
rapid mouth but I can’t hear you well.
Newfound paranoia
has to cut your fingernails
has to brush your lack of hair
picking skin inside your mirror.
Why don’t you bother someone else?
Like the love that I forgot
or the victim of my rob
a hit-and-run who was never caught.
I used her body as a drug
to test my limits on my lungs
the strength of all my weakened bones
how am I built for all this love?

Newfound paranoia
hidden under beds and sheets
took the pictures from my dreams
washed them with my memories.
Newfound paranoia
lose myself like I don’t know you
broken pride no hallelujah
look at myself like I never knew you.

Newfound paranoia
oh my god I think I love you
took so long for me to notice
but give me a kiss and we’ll start over.
You have my heart I owe you
To this day I’m still so loyal
falling star from sky to soil
we’ll watch it grow, watch me grow.

Find balance on a biased spectrum
I’m born into, not developed,
accused me for the embellish
all my life.
Never questioned my sick mind
I felt normal in the lines
like I belonged all the time.
Like I belonged.

I came home so differently
I’m fine mom don’t worry about it
Cause even if you care
you can’t help me.